Wednesday, 8 September 2010

This Is Me...

I am, in the present vernacular of the age, an ET Contact Experiencer, which is to say I have been contacted by and have had an ongoing interaction and dialogue with an advanced race of beings that might best be described as ‘out-of-this- world’. Although I refer to them as Extraterrestrials, or ETs for short, it remains just a term I use as a way of identifying them to other people, whilst not necessarily confirming their point of origin. I have been an Experiencer since the age of 5, which is now 48 years ago. 

My new book, An Invitation To The Dance, which will be published in December 2010, is a comprehensive account of my contact experiences; the affect they have had on my life; what I believe the worldwide contact actually means; and how we should be responding to it. It also includes many additional topics that I believe are connected to the subject of contact, such as Human/ET Intelligence; Human/ET Evolution; and Human Memory. But all of this is just the vehicle to carry what I believe is the true meaning and purpose of the book. Obviously the accounts of my contact experiences have come exclusively from my own memory, whereas the other subjects have seen a major contribution directly from the ETs. I want you to know that the information has been passed on to me through a candid interface with these amazing beings and not through any channeling process. 

I have struggled for many years to understand what the contact meant and what my role in it was. Since the year 2001 I have gone through a profound transformation, where I saw my contact shift and I was introduced to a species of ETs that I refer to as the 'Light Beings'. Since that time I have been 'schooled' to understand what the contact meant for all of us. I was encouraged by the ETs to document my experiences and ultimately to take the 'message' out on the road to share with whoever will listen. And the 'message' was all about us – the human race - and how we should be behaving towards each other and to the planet we live on. The Earth and its occupants will go through a major consciousness transition in the coming years and we have to be prepared to cope with the changes that will follow. And the ETs have shared with me what must be done to make that transformation – that re-birth if you will – something that will assist us in that evolutionary leap forward. 

I have spoken over the last six years in the UK and in the US and began to touch upon what I have outlined above, but before I was completely informed by the ETs I could only really share a limited amount. But now I am ready to talk about everything, to share what the ETs have given me and to help all that will listen to begin that transformation. 

I can be seen talking about a selection of my ET Contact Experiences on my YouTube site: stevenjones57 and also on the Fastwalkers DVD.

I am intending to speak all over the world in 2011 to promote the message of my book and my first presentation is scheduled to take place at the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, U.S. in April (8-10th). As I am booked for other events in America, the US and Europe I will update you accordingly.

If there are any conferences or organisations worldwide that would like to invite me to speak, please contact me through my YouTube site:
Additionally, I am available to interview through the same process.

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  1. Congratulations, Steven, on the new book and this beautiful blog! I wish you much success and am looking forward to reading both. I'll also be watching to see if you are speaking near me so I can meet you in person.

    All my best to you!


  2. Where exactly do you live again Sharon? Apart from the main conferences I am aiming to carry out smaller talks. Maybe with your help I might be able to arrange something like that in your area.

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  4. Dear Steven, thank you for your courage and thank you for your work. Thank you for sharing yourself and your story! I am looking forward to your book very much.

  5. Hello Steven, I am Jacquelines cousin from Canada and from what she has said....can not wait for the book! She said it is fantastic. Wishing you much success with this and all endeavours!