Thursday, 9 September 2010

Front Cover of My Book

Front Cover Artwork
As I was reaching the conclusion of my book I began to think seriously about the front cover. With the title being An Invitation To The Dance’, how was I to possibly marry that image with the content of the manuscript.
After an amazingly short amount of time searching the Internet I was magically ‘drawn’ to something really quite inspirational. It was something that spoke to me on every level. A painting called First Dance’ by the renowned artist Natasha Sazonova.
After my wife, Annie, and I had visited her website and seen the rest of her breathtaking portfolio and then read all about her thoughts and feelings about art, her life and the world, we knew, without a single doubt, that First Dance just had to be the cover for the book. We know that you will feel the same because Natasha’s work is simply ‘out of this world’.

Natasha’s website:

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