Saturday, 16 October 2010

My Book

The finals proofs of my book were sent to the printers yesterday. Now I wait for a proof copy. Then I go over it with a fine-tooth comb for errors. When none are found, because it is perfectly formed, then it will be available to order from a selection of high profile shop-fronts on the Internet: Amazon, etc.

As for my talks in America and the US, the invites just keep on coming, I am just so honored:

The UK now includes, Leeds Exopolitics, which is totally top draw:
I'm waiting for confirmation on quite a few more. I'll post accordingly.

The US of A now includes:
The Aztec UFO Conference / The Ozark UFO Conference (
MUFON - Arkansas, Oklahoma, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.
Many, many more to be confirmed.

I shall put together a proper list of talks, locations and dates very shortly.

Special request: please ask a friend to sign up to this block. And I shall love you forever and ever.

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